About Us


Luxuryinstock is a website designed and edited by Simone Cossu, a professional with thirty years'experience in the luxury goods sector.

Luxuryinstock was born from Simone Cossu's thirty years of experience in the luxury goods sector. Since luxury does not lie in wealth or ornamentation, but in the absence of vulgarity, we believe that for a product or an experience to be considered luxury it must meet several conditions, but above all it must provide a great meaning with which to connect with its consumers, regardless of its price. The secret of the longevity of luxury brands is consistency, respect for tradition and constant adaptation to sociological and lifestyle changes, to continue to have meaning among their admirers. And that's why we have selected the best brands on the market, which we offer at very competitive prices.
All our precious new items are accompanied by the packaging and the official manufacturer guarantee. All our precious used items are carefully tested by our internal laboratory and have a one year warranty from the date of purchase.